There are few of us who can't hum or sing the melodic phrase from Nicolette Larson's recorded hit "Lotta Love", but there are many of us who didn't know the Nicolette who had this uncanny ability to make people shed their pretenses and laugh with her at the ironies and humor of life. Nicolette loved her life before the birth of her daughter, but all those who truly knew her would unanimously agree that Nicolette worshiped her life after the arrival of little Elsie May. Nicolette's devotion to her own daughter brought out an intense concern about children who weren't as lucky as Elsie to have loving parents, good health new shoes on their feet, a warm home, a safe neighborhood, or a good school. That concern drove Nicolette to embrace many social causes and charitable efforts specifically on behalf of children, whether it was playing a benefit for Save The Children, participating in the White House Annual Easter Egg roll for underprivileged children or manning a table at a United Way Children's Health Day.

Nicolette held the affection and respect of some of the music industry's most talented and well-known artists. After her death, many of these artists gathered to perform in a benefit concert to celebrate her life. Because of Nicolette's heart for children, they chose to honor her memory by donating the proceeds to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.
Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA is a vital component of the UCLA Medical Center, consistently ranked “Best in the West,” according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual survey. Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA is dedicated to “improving the lives of today’s and tomorrow’s children.”

Opening in 2008, the new Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA will be part of the most architecturally innovative hospital in the world, as well as the most comfortable, convenient, and conducive to healing. Designed by renowned architects I.M. Pei and Didi Pei, it will be a model of medical technology and scientific progress, and will utilize the open, light-filled environment to promote a sense of well-being.

With a commitment to being child-centered and family-friendly, the new facilities will provide UCLA pediatricians and nursing staff with a setting where research and medical treatment will combine to bring the best possible care to seriously ill and injured children.

In order to fulfill its potential and sustain its nationally and internationally recognized status as a leader in pediatric care, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA requires private support to ensure that the current pace of progress continues. Through fund raising efforts like this event and through private donations like yours, the future of Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA will be secured as a leading pediatric care center that not only cares for the needs of a child injured or ill today, but discovers cures and ways of preventing devastating childhood illnesses affecting the child of tomorrow.
Please feel free to contact us for information on donating to the Nicolette Larson Endowment.  Checks should be made payable to the “UCLA Foundation”, with a note that they are for the “Nicolette Larson Pediatric Endowment.”  They can be mailed to:

Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA
c/o Medical Sciences Development
10945 Le Conte Avenue, Suite 3132
Box 951784
Los Angeles, California  90095-1784
(310) 267-1852